List of common misconceptions

List of common misconceptions

A viral internet thread has shed light on the most moronic remarks people have endured at the hands of their partner. We get to a fork and I say “okay now we need to go north”. She says “haven’t we been this whole time? Confused, I look at her and ask why she says that. She replies “north is the direction in front of you yeah? Elsewhere, user IsThatyouhair’s boyfriend tried to convince her that ‘the colour orange didn’t exist, because it was really just pink and red mixed together. And while the path to true love is never smooth, we imagine Glitter-recession recieved some strange gifts on Valentine’s Day:. Follow us on Twitter: eslifeandstyle. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Here Are Reddit’s Whiniest, Most Low-Key Toxic Subreddits

A married man had Reddit captivated this weekend as he live-blogged his discovery that his wife was cheating on him. We should have seen this one coming after that guy live-tweeted a breakup. The whole thread is more than 10, words, encompassing the man finding out, hiring a private investigator to tail his wife, and his realization that his sister-in-law is probably cheating, too. We’ll give you the highlight reel but it’s well worth reading the whole thing.

The husband, who updated for three days straight, first introduced himself and his wife Jenny to the Reddit community:.

In this askreddit post, a Redditor asks Reddit commenters to tell their stories of the absolute weirdest dates they’ve ever been a part of – and the.

Wife got the flu. Thew up at the reception. Took NyQuil and passed out. Spent wedding night watching late night TV. I got food poisoning at mine and spent the night curled up on the bathroom floor while my husband watched football. You guys could form a club. My dad fell asleep while he and my mom were on a date seeing the king. And I live with Yule Brenner. We immediately left the wedding and drove ten hours on our way to New Orleans for our honey moon. As someone who has performed in the King and I, I nearly fell asleep while singing uncle Tom’s cabin.

I posted this already, but I’ll chime in.

8 Surprisingly Great Pieces of Marriage Advice Shared on Reddit

Redditors share how they’re coping with the coronavirus pandemic. We want to hear from you! Tell us about your experience dealing with the pandemic: How are you coping? What challenges do you face? What are your moments of joy? What advice do you have for others?

The question ‘At what moment did you realise you were dating an idiot?’ has sparked more than 22, responses on the AskReddit forum.

Subscriber Account active since. There are certain things, like putting lids on blenders and knowing how to use a broom, that are little more than basic common sense. In fact, everyone learns these things pretty much as soon as they come out of the womb. On a Reddit thread, someone asked people to share the basic life skills their partners somehow never learned before they started dating — and some of the answers were pretty astounding.

INSIDER was unable to independently verify all of these stories, but you’ll definitely have a good laugh as you scroll through them. She said her mother wouldn’t let her learn because she was afraid of her drowning. Not like lazy, but literally has never handled a broom before and doesn’t have the motor memory for a sweeping motion.

I actually kind of have to work hard not to laugh as its adorably watching a grown human being handling a broom like a toddler. He an ex from long ago couldn’t comprehend certain daily tasks. He thought any kind of soap could be put in the dish washer, he would leave things in the oven and forget about them for hours, thought you only needed to shower or brush your teeth every few weeks?!

TL;DL (Too Long; Didn’t Listen)

I thought that there must be parents that do a good job though. I want to be a good parent. Thousands of comments came in as people reflected on their childhoods.

See more ideas about Reddit creepy, Reddit, Creepy gif. Radio TTS Dating Advice Playlist – YouTube How Did It Go, See Videos, Dating My merch: http://​ r/Entitledparents How STUPID do you have to be to ignore the​.

In one corner of the Internet, though, praise rained down. It is a near-perfect embodiment of the YOLO spirit: Highly volatile, it uses a combination of derivatives and debt to amplify bets on oil, creating opportunities for quick profits. But WallStreetBets is lively, engaged and growing. If the Investing subreddit is a mild-mannered financial adviser who advocates diversification and dividend stocks, WallStreetBets personifies a foul-mouthed, risk-taking day trader.

He got rich. He currently faces seven counts of securities fraud and conspiracy in connection to previous work at a hedge fund, and he faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted. The joke is we are all aspiring millionaires. Shkreli actually did it. Each day, WallStreetBets moderators ask subscribers their planned moves for the session. On March 7, one member announced a move into the penny stock Triangle Petroleum Corp. ETNs are unsecured debt notes, so investors can lose everything if the underwriter goes bankrupt.

9 of the Craziest Reddit r/Relationships Stories

I saw him before he saw me. When he finally spotted me, there was a look of pure love and excitement on his face. It made me realize that people search their entire lives for someone to look at them that way. The project took several months, and there was no available office space, so they put my workspace in an office across from him.

We would chat while code was compiling or other tasks were running, and we found out we had a ton in common. He could make me laugh all day long.

Navigating the dating world is a tricky business, and while there is no There are no fool-proof answers when it comes to the dos and don’ts of dating, but for The good people of Reddit were asked what their “instant deal.

Reddit is a social media content aggregation website that bills itself as “The Front Page of the Internet “. It is incredibly popular, collecting over 37 billion views and million unique visitors in alone, [3] even though it can’t make itself profitable. Reddit works by having users, or “redditors”, submit links to other websites, upload images, or just provide textual content, or “self-posts”.

These posts and their comments are all voted up or down by other redditors. Reddit displays more recent and more upvoted content higher, so “good” stuff gets visibility while “bad” stuff falls away. The site is divided into smaller sections, or “subreddits”. Each subreddit focuses on a particular subject, and any redditor can create one; subreddit creators automatically become moderators on those subreddits. Moderators normal users effectively run most of the website.

Men Of Reddit Reveal The ‘Guy Secrets’ They’ll Never Ever Tell Women

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The men confronted their wives about the suspected affairs, playing dumb at first, then revealing that they knew everything. The women had some.

By Siofra Brennan For Mailonline. In the early days of a relationshp when you’re still learning about the other person, one faux pas can be extremely revealing. From claiming Paris is not France, to a man shooting himself in the leg on two separate occasions people have revealed the most foolish thing a former partner has ever said or done. Scroll down for video.

From claiming Paris is not France to not knowing the difference between the moon and the sun, people have taken to Reddit to share the most stupid thing a partner has ever said picture posed by models. Geography seems to be the undoing of many people with one former girlfriend shocking Endlesshills by saying she’d never been to France, despite visiting Disneyland Paris every year.

He continued: ‘She insisted: “Paris isn’t in France!

Idiot Guy Treats His Date Horribly But Then This Off Duty Cop Overhears Their Conversation

Can I tell you guys a secret? I’ve been going on a lot of first dates recently. Don’t tell anyone! It’s embarrassing. Now you might be wondering why I’ve been going on so many first dates and so few second dates, but I’ll let you figure that out. So today at work I was looking up dating advice and trying to figure out what I could do differently.

Giving Gold: Understanding Appreciation in Reddit Communities. Julia Mendelsohn1,2 norms around dating, and another is only humorous if one knows who Oprah the idiots that are offended when I want to buy them dinner.” – AskReddit.

Last week, we welled up after reading a Reddit thread where thousands of people from around the world posted their endearing honest outpourings about the realities of getting older. However, a recent thread titled ‘Guys, what do girls do that they think is “being cute”, but in reality is the furthest thing from it? Like, really damn hard. In just six days, the post has received over 14, comments with men responding with a plethora of answers and they’re as predictable as you could imagine.

A lot of the men said they were most annoyed about their girlfriends stealing their clothes, with one commenting: ‘Dude you’ve got like 12 of my shirts, are you building a nest? Others had beef with girls acting stupid on purpose to appear ‘cute and funny’ and using baby voices. However, one female Reddit commenter revealed she was told by her father on numerous occasions as a child that ‘no one would like a girl who appears to be witty and clever’. Other men revealed their biggest pet peeves are when their partners ate their food, while one created a hypothetical situation of him trying to ask his girlfriend where she’d like to go have dinner, to no avail.

Here’s a thought, men of Reddit, instead of moaning about women’s annoying traits in an online forum with other men, how about you open up a better line of communication where you can discuss your pet peeves with your partner? Oh and learn how to better champion women’s intelligence in the work place and throughout society so they don’t feel insecure or ashamed to voice their opinions, ideas and authority?

Type keyword s to search. Today’s Top Stories. What Is Circular Fashion?

Men Reveal Which ‘Female’ Traits They Think Are Really Annoying And We DGAF

There’s nothing more exciting or promising than the start of a new relationship. Or they don’t think milk is a dairy product? It could even be enough to end the relationship. By Alexia LaFata.

New AskReddit Stories: At what moment did you realize you were dating an idiot​? LIKE AND I WILL UPLOAD MORE REDDIT STORIES!

What happened? Infinity Ward also promised to monitor and identify racist content, such as “hate-oriented names,” and add in-game functionality “to make it easier to report offenses. Call of Duty and Infinity Ward stand for equality and inclusion. We stand against the racism and injustice our Black community endures. Until change happens and Black Lives Matter, we will never truly be the community we strive to be.

Once players get past the message and enter the lobby, a blacked-out sign reading “Black Lives Matter” sits in the corner of the lobby screen. Why Call of Duty ‘s message matters — Friday’s message isn’t the first time Infinity Ward or publisher Activision-Blizzard expressed solidarity for the protests in the wake of George Floyd’s murder by Minneapolis police.

The company first released a message on May 31 across its various social media channels. The latest Modern Warfare update marks a step beyond expressing solidarity. Putting its messages in-game makes it impossible for Call of Duty ‘s massive player base to ignore. Predictably, some players are skeptical at Infinity Ward’s sincerity. On Reddit, players are expressing varying levels of annoyance over seeing “politics” in a video game.

Keep politics out of gaming,” another wrote. Never mind that the game in question is a hyper-realistic military shooter that’s sometimes hard to separate from U.

When You Realize You Are dating An Idiot…

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